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If you have been charged with a crime in Jefferson County, Alabama, you want a criminal defense lawyer who will represent you aggressively. You want a criminal defense attorney who understands criminal law and knows how to question the police and the evidence. You want a Bessemer, Alabama lawyer who will give you a straight-forward, clear analysis of all options to protect your freedom and minimize disruption to your life.

Attorney Tommy Tucker, a partner in Hall & Tucker, LLC, brings the knowledge he gained as a seasoned former U.S. Attorney and state prosecutor to help clients who have been charged with serious crimes.

Mr. Tucker understands that a police report tells only one version of events and is not always the most reliable account. Tommy Tucker will listen to you and then work with you to develop the most effective strategy to resolve your case.

Whether the charge facing you involves a DUI, possession of drugs, property crime or a violent crime such as an assault or homicide, you want an experienced Alabama criminal defense lawyer who knows the Jefferson County courts, is an effective negotiator and understands how to punch holes in the prosecution’s case in the courtroom. If you are facing a serious criminal charge, it is important to get an effective criminal defense lawyer working on your case right away to preserve key evidence and protect your rights. Let Hall & Tucker put forward your best legal defense.

Hall & Tucker, LLC provides legal representation to clients in Bessemer, Hoover, Hueytown, Pleasant Grove, McCalla, Fairfield, Brighton, Lipscomb, Mulga and throughout the Bessemer Division of Jefferson County, Alabama. Contact us for a free initial consultation about your case.

Talk to a highly qualified criminal defense attorney at Hall & Tucker, LLC to discuss representation of clients charged with any of the following offenses:

  • Drunk Driving/DUI Defense— Under Alabama’s strict drunk driving laws, some people who are not impaired get charged with driving under the influence. Anyone who has an alcohol level of .08 or higher in their blood will be charged with driving under the influence in Alabama. Even a first DUI conviction can mean the loss of your driver’s license for 90 days, mandatory attendance at a substance abuse program, hundreds of dollars in fines and jail time. Under recent changes to Alabama’s DUI law, first-time offenders who have a blood alcohol level of .15 or higher may face doubled penalties if convicted. The penalties get increasingly stiffer for repeat convictions. Whether it’s your first DUI arrest, or your second or third offense, you want a Jefferson County drunk driving defense lawyer who will work aggressively to resolve your case in your favor.
  • Drug Possession—If you have been arrested for possession of even a small amount of a controlled substance, the penalties can threaten your freedom and destroy your future.  Nearly 3,300 adults and 160 juveniles were arrested for drug possession in Jefferson County in 2010, according to the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. That is far more than any other county in Alabama. Marijuana was the drug cited in most drug possession cases, followed by cocaine. Alabama law treats the first arrest for possession of marijuana for personal use (up to 2.2 pounds) as a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $6,000. Possession of other illegal drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine, is a Class C felony under Alabama law. In some cases, police seize evidence illegally. You may face charges in either Alabama state courts or U.S. District Court with drug possession, though federal charges are more likely to involve intent to sell illegal drugs. If you have been charged with drug possession, you want to treat it seriously because your liberty is at stake. You want a Jefferson County drug crimes attorney who has successfully represented clients charged with drug offenses in state and federal court.
  • Property Crimes—If you have been charged with theft, motor vehicle theft, burglary, robbery or receiving stolen property, you could go to jail if convicted. In Alabama, a person commits the crime of property theft if he or she obtains control of the property of another with the intent to deprive the owner of the property. The value of the property or item allegedly stolen is a factor in the determination of the seriousness of the charge. Depending on the seriousness of the charge, you may be charged in municipal, state or federal court in Jefferson County. Theft of property or receiving stolen property with a value of $500  to $2,500 is a felony. Theft of credit cards, debit cards and firearms are considered felonies. The theft of a motor vehicle, regardless of value, constitutes first-degree property theft and is a felony. Sometimes, there is a legitimate dispute about the ownership of property. But a charge of theft, receiving stolen property, burglary or robbery is a serious matter. A conviction can cost you your job and your freedom. You need a property crimes defense lawyer who is serious about defending your rights.
  • Fraud — Fraud crimes include charges such as forgery, passing forged checks or writing a forged prescription.   A person may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony count of forgery if they make or alter a written instrument, such as a check, deed, will or stock certificate, with the intent to defraud. A defense against fraud charges often involves challenging the prosecution’s evidence that a person intended to defraud.  Forging a doctor’s signature, altering a prescription or using another person’s identity to obtain a prescription may lead to a charge of unlawful possession or receipt of controlled substances, a felony. Conviction of fraud crimes can land you in jail if you have ineffective counsel. You need a Bessemer criminal defense lawyer who will thoroughly investigate the fraud charges against you and bring out the truth.
  • Assaults—Whether you are charged in Jefferson County, Alabama, with misdemeanor assault or felony assault as a result of a fight, traffic accident, domestic dispute or other act of aggression, charges involving any violent crime carry harsh penalties if convicted. You need a criminal defense attorney who will work aggressively to protect your rights.
  • Homicide/Murder/Manslaughter—Anyone charged with murder in Alabama faces the possibility of life in prison or the death penalty if found guilty. A person convicted of manslaughter may face decades in prison. Manslaughter involves the taking of life in the heat of passion, due to a provocation. When the charges involve murder, homicide or manslaughter, contact a law firm that is serious about providing your best defense. Contact a dedicated Bessemer homicide defense lawyer who can investigate your case thoroughly and will aggressively present your case.

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If you have been charged with a crime in Jefferson County, contact our criminal defense lawyers to start investigating your case and working on your behalf. Time is of the essence. 

The attorneys at Hall & Tucker, LLC have more than 70 years of combined legal experience. We have handled many cases in the Alabama criminal justice court system and in the federal courts that serve our area. Attorney Tommy Tucker, who leads the firm’s criminal defense practice, has 12 years of experience as a state and federal prosecutor and can use that experience to advocate aggressively on your behalf.

We provide a free initial consultation on all cases, whether criminal law, domestic law or personal injury. We are always available by phone to discuss your case. We return calls to clients promptly. Contact us at (205) 425-5711 or fill out our online contact form.

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