Attorney Tommy Tucker

Tommy Tucker brings more than 30 years of experience to a law practice that focuses on criminal defense and family law.

A native of Hueytown, Tucker received his undergraduate degree in political science and English at the University of Alabama in 1974. Three years later he earned his juris doctorate from Cumberland School of Law with cum laude honors.

After practicing on his own for less than a year, he joined the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor in the agency’s Bessemer Division. He stayed there for nearly six years and then joined the U.S. Attorney’s office for the northern district of Alabama as an assistant U.S. attorney.

After prosecuting persons charged with crimes, Tucker entered private practice defending them for 10 years before then returning to the Bessemer DA’s office when they needed an experienced prosecutor. Tucker spent four years there and then returned to private practice with another firm before he and Don Hall joined forces, at the urging of a mutual friend. They opened the firm of Hall & Tucker in 2003.

Tucker’s experience on both sides of criminal law gives him a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve success in criminal court.

“I would say that it’s tougher on the defense side,” he says. “As a prosecutor, you don’t have quite the pressure most days as you do on the defense side. If you mess up as a prosecutor, everyone goes home. But if you mess up as a defense lawyer, your client may be going to jail or worse.”

Over the years, Tucker has had his share of highlights on both sides.

“As a prosecutor I’ve tried a lot of high-profile murder cases that were very much in the news and I’ve had a few wins on the defense side, too, including acquittals in the Northern District federal courts.”

Tucker says he likes criminal law because many of these clients are people who have made mistakes and deserve proper counsel.

“A lot of criminal defendants aren’t necessarily bad people. Some of them just make poor judgments or take the wrong route. And believe it or not, I’ve had several who were innocent. You do get those—more than you might realize.”

Over the years, Tucker has expanded his practice to encompass family law, which now encompasses nearly half of his practice and which brings him regularly to divorce court and family court. He also handles some probate and civil-law matters.

His two primary areas of law—criminal and family—mean that he has two dramatically different kinds of clients. But he considers his practice to be unified by a belief that all the people he serves deserve quality legal representation.

“I just enjoy helping people in need,” he says. “There’s a lot of pressure and lot of responsibility, but I do enjoy helping people.”

In addition to lawyering, Tucker has served as a municipal judge in Hueytown and Pleasant Grove and in 1995 was president of the Alabama Municipal Judges Association. In 2009, he was president of the Bessemer Bar Association.

Away from work, Tucker enjoys hunting and fishing. He and his wife are also active in their church, where they both teach Sunday School classes.

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